AD4x4 Club for OffRoading Enthusiasts in the UAE

Those of you who love off-roading and camping should be interested in the club we’re going to introduce to you today.

The Abu Dhabi 4x4 club (AD4x4) is an awesome club that is THE place to join if you love desert driving or would love to learn it or simply want to go camping. It was founded in the summer of 2006 by off-road enthusiasts who wanted to create a unique club with the mission of providing a meeting point for all off-roading fans.

Clients and members are an entire bandwidth of nationalities that work and live in the UAE, and the club shows them the beauty of the desert.

AD4x4 club encourages and fosters using your off-road vehicle safely and on different terrains. Whether you’re just getting started, or advanced to novice, the club has the perfect training for you.

By having a membership you get many advantages. They include meeting new people with the same interests, making new friends, special discounts to many places, dealers and shops. And let’s not forget, one of the biggest advantages is that professional four-wheel drivers will teach you all the important skills. But do you know what is the awesome part of all this? It is absolutely free of charge! Yep, for free! All you have to do is get your inner adventurer ready, set your back-pack and go!

AD4x4 welcomes all types of 4WD vehicles. You will enjoy the full experience of off-roading with a wide mix of other vehicles in the club. From purpose-built competition cars, to family 4WDs, they've got them all.

They hold all kinds of events too; from day trips, to social activities, to early-birds, to night-drives, to weekend camping trips and even charity events. They also collaborated with several entities to make special events like Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority, Al Ain Jeep Jamboree, Liwa Challenge, Save the Camels Campaign, Clean the Desert Campaign and Desnav AD Adventure. 

If you are confused and don’t know which trip or event to try out first, well, each trip is rated so you can know what to expect.

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Founders of AD4x4

Trip leaders are called “Marshals” (who always wear orange shirts), those Marshals are trained on first aid, technical knowledge and emergency procedures. That means they will also teach you safe driving techniques and help you in any way when you need assistance. Tire popped? Your vehicle is stuck? With Marshals around you don’t need to worry, they will not only lend a helping hand but will teach you proper recovery methods in the events of such mishaps.

AD4x4 has over 5000 members, which makes it the biggest in the Middle East. They have been featured in many publications and on TV.

Want a guaranteed adrenaline rush? You can know more about them by visiting the following:


-Following their Facebook page

-Or joining their online group

Enjoy the video!


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