Catering to Vision 2030 and Embracing the New Generation of Users, OMODA Will Soon Be Launched in Saudi Arabia

Recently, the OMODA brand launched its first livestreaming event for Saudi users. Senior executives of OMODA Motors and senior Saudi media personnel Mr. Abdulrahman, spoke glowingly of how OMODA caters to the Vision 2030 of Saudi Arabia and embraces the new generation of users.


Under the guidance of "Vision 2030", Saudi Arabia is undergoing economic transformation from top to bottom, so as to make the national economy free from the high dependence on oil as the core, but to practice the concept of sustainable development, develop a diversified and future-oriented new economic system, create a higher quality of life for residents, and attract more tourists. At the same time, the life and consumption habits of the Saudi Arabian people have also undergone earth-shaking changes. With the rise of a new generation of consumer groups, they are eager for a more fashionable lifestyle, and also prefer to participate in sports activities, and maintain enthusiasm for electronic products with technology configurations.


As openness and diversity begin to inject new vitality into the development of Saudi Arabia, OMODA Motors, representing a leading automobile manufacturer in China, has already had an accurate insight into it, so that the OMODA brand tailored for the new generation of global user groups will fully meet the needs of the Saudi market.


Mr. Nick, brand director of OMODA, stated that the Generation Z people today have become the main force in the auto consumption market. They pursue a fashionable and independent lifestyle, are keen on adventure and travel, and prefer to meet with friends. In addition, they have strong personality, are always loyal to themselves, focus on their own interests, and are willing to explore new things.

Therefore, based on the concept of Cross F Future, OMODA builds a future vehicle for the user group of Generation Z, allowing young people who are not willing to conform to the rules to control the future, so that they can find another self in the future technology. Mr. Nick also remarked that the name of OMODA was selected from 600 names around the world, demonstrating its concept of creating products based on the real needs of users. Derived from "Modern", its name symbolizes a modern and fashionable lifestyle, emphasizing its good appearance and a strong sense of technology. Specifically, the letter "O" represents surprise, positivity and vitality, it also means the word "Oxygen", an essential element of our lives; While "MODA" stands for fashion trend, representing the understanding and pursuit of fashion trend by new generation of young people in the world.


During the livestreaming event, Ms. Lilian, product director of OMODA, also said that OMODA 5 would be the first product to enter the Saudi Arabian market on behalf of the OMODA brand, which is also the first global vehicle with the design concept of "Art in Motion". It not only adopts a borderless diamond grille with great recognition in design, and carries an 18-inch sharp sports hub that is popular with the new generation of people, but also has a rare dual-10.25 inch touchable high-definition screen, as well as a 4.0 ADAS system in terms of interior trim. Notably, in order to further embrace the needs of the new generation of users in Saudi Arabia, OMODA 5 also launched seven body colors, aiming to set a benchmark of fashion and trend.


Ms. Lilian also indicated that as a carrier of fashion and trend, OMODA is not only a single product, but also committed to creating an ecosystem of cross-border life for the new generation of people. In light of this, OMODA creates O-Universe, including O-trip, for exploration; O-lab, for co-creation; O-Club, for customer operation; and O-Sport, for pursuing a vibrant life. Every OMODA user can experience the resonance in this ecosystem.


Furthermore, OMODA will also actively contribute to the Vision 2030 of Saudi Arabia, so as to launch pure electric models in the future, and adhere to the concept of green and sustainable development. Oriented at high-end user groups in Saudi Arabia, JEACOO, a new luxury brand, will also be launched. As a major attempt of OMODA in the market segment, it is believed that OMODA and JEACOO will bring new travel experience to the new generation of Saudi consumers.


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