GMC HUMMER EV reveal set for Oct 20

In less than a month, truck-enthusiasts and equally inquisitive auto enthusiasts will be treated to the eagerly-awaited GMC HUMMER EV. The truck that has captivated audiences due to its bold design, legendary nameplate, and all-electric drivetrain, will be revealed to the world on Tuesday, October 20th.

The industry-leading Crab Mode feature is enabled by the GMC HUMMER EV’s four-wheel steering capability, allowing it to move in a diagonal direction – functionality that is tailor-made for off-roading customers. There is also nearly 1,000 horsepower and the capability to hit 100km/h in 3.2-seconds which will pique the interest of tarmac-inclined audiences. 

GMC Crab Mode

Customer reservations for the GMC HUMMER EV will be available through on Oct 20. More details to be revealed closer to the unveiling, until then, sit tight and be ready for something amazing.


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