Land Cruiser conquers nearly 1 million kilometers


Dubai – UAE, October 31, 2012: In what can only be considered another milestone in the legendary history of one of the greatest SUVs, a Government owned Land Cruiser Pick-up has registered the mark of nearly 1million km.

Throughout its long and illustrious history the Land Cruiser has achieved great feats that have not been matched by any other vehicle. Its unrivalled ability to drive into uncharted harsh conditions has made it the vehicle of choice for individuals and organizations that require cars that can withstand these conditions for years and years. As more comfort and technology features have been introduced, Land Cruiser evolved from just being an off-road vehicle to becoming a full size luxury SUV.

Commenting on this milestone, Simon Frith, Managing Director, Al-Futtaim Motors Toyota said, “Land Cruiser has become renowned for being a vehicle that achieves unbelievable feats. The car that we have today only adds to this history. Reaching 1,000,000 km is another chapter in the storied history of this car.
The achievement is not limited to the amount of kilometers this car covered but also the low cost of maintenance which is less than AED 0.101 per kilometer.”

He added, “This further proves Toyota’s reputation for building long living quality, durable and reliable vehicles that deliver class leading total cost of ownership”

Humaid Sultan Al Mutaiwei, Executive Manager of Dubai Government Workshops said, “This Land Cruiser pick up has been used for farming and transportation purposes withstanding the harshest weather and terrain conditions. We have been servicing this vehicle owned by the Dubai Government Workshop for 9 years and I can assure you, the low cost of ownership is incomparable with any other vehicle.”

Al-Futtaim Motors had recently launched the new 2013 Land Cruiser Pick-up which came with a host of new features such as a double cab option, glove box cooler, tyre inflation facility, a new tow hook and enhanced styling.

Due to Toyota’s low cost of ownership and great reliability Al-Futtaim Motors has a strong presence in the fleets of many Government sectors across the UAE. Current and future vehicles manufactured by Toyota will continue the company’s heritage of high quality vehicles, which will no doubt result in further strengthening Al-Futtaim Motors’ relationship with the various governmental and semi-governmental departments in the UAE.

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