Mercedes Benz E200 2017 Review

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Mercedes Benz E Class 2017 Front

The E-Class has been around since 1993 and has since been through 5 generations with the newest being the W213. The E-Class has always been in the mid-size luxury sedan segment but its only really until now that “Luxury” really means luxury as you’ll find out. The E-Class does however have some pretty tough competitors with the likes of the Audi A6 and BMW 5 series, Jaguar XF and the Cadillac CTS all battling it out to be the best in the segment. But this time the Mercedes has come out swinging and we think it has a great chance at topping the table with this all-new design.

Key Features:  
Engine Turbocharged 2.0L Inline 4 Cylinder
Transmission 9 Speed GTronic
Power 184hp / 300NM
Top Speed 250km/h
Price AED195,000


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The all-new Mercedes Benz E200 2017 is a thing of pure beauty with long lines sculpted across the length of the car and no sharp edges anywhere to be seen. It’s actually clear that Mercedes have tried to close the gap between their S-Class and E-Class range as they do look remarkably similar in the new models.  The new E-class also has a longer wheelbase than the older model emphasizing luxury.  We got the E200 in Kallaite Green which was absolutely stunning and looked a different shade depending on what part of the car the sun was shining on.

2017 Mercedes E Class Top


The interior on the all new E200 is very modern and an extremely pleasant place to be, with ambient LED lighting pouring out of every crevasse in the car and a 64 color range that creates a light and airy atmosphere making you feel as though you’re sat at home in your living room. Everywhere the eye looks are high quality finishings. The long open pore wood planks that spans across the front cabin is a delight and wonderful luxury touch that hasn't been seen before in any other model than the S-Class, so it’s great step forward closing the gap between the two models.

2017 Mercedes E Class Interior

The rear cabin in the E200 is a place you could easily spend in comfort driving across the entire UAE. It’s utter bliss and the multicontour seats are what allow this car to be so comfortable with a massage function and 14 air chambers in the seat that cool and calm the occupants. The rear also comes with fully adjustable rear AC vents helping keep the car cool in the scorching sun.

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Safety & Tech

The 2017 E200 comes with all the standard safety features you would expect in a modern sedan such as front and side airbags as well as a center airbag to help avoid passengers colliding together during a collision. The E200 also has stability controls that include, Anti-lock brakes (ABS), Traction control (TCS), Electronic stability control (ESC), active brake assists in case of a forward collision, blind spot assist, lane keep assist and adaptive cruise control.

Mercedes Benz 2017 E Class Interior

However, the E200 does have a few tricks up its sleeve when it comes to keeping everyone safe such as the brand new PRE-SAFE Impulse Side: All-round protection provides the occupants with a system that identifies an unavoidable collision and uses the air chambers in the seats to fill up and grab ahold of passengers directly before impact, reducing the chance of injury. The rear passengers also get ‘Belt Bags’ which replace seat belts which means less pressure on passenger bodies during a crash. Mercedes have also come up with a Pre-sense system that releases a sound from the speakers which moves the inner ear further from the eardrum to reduce damage to hear in the event of a collision.

The widescreen cockpit is a glorious way to view all the information in the cabin which consists of two 31cm high resolution displays and offers a graphic representation of the vehicle's functions in color. There are also three different viewing options “Classic”, “Sport” and ‘Progressive”. You can also charge your mobile wirelessly in the center console.

Mercedes Benz E Class 2017 Interior

On to the technology side of things, the base speakers in the E200 were disappointing to say the least with lots of distortion and crackles in the audio, you can of course opt for the Burmester High-End 3D-Surround–Sound System which are stunning speakers and are at a completely different end of the scale when it comes to audio from the base speakers.

The new single unit stardust tail lights featuring LED technology create an all new visual identity on the car and comprises of 39 LEDs creating a crystal look. The brightness of the rear lights changes depending on external lighting conditions in order to avoid dazzling other drivers. The headlights are multibeam LED lamps with a pretty crazy 84 LEDs in each headlight. This allows the E200 to illuminate the road ahead with absolute clarity like never before.

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The 2017 Mercedes Benz E200 really comes into its own when you start driving. Due to pneumatic all round self-leveling suspension, the E200 manages to maintain a constant level regardless of the road. The car just floats down any road you put it on, with an elegance and luxury feel you honestly feel like you’re in a much more expensive car considering how it drives.

Mercedes E Class 2017 Rim

The all new engine, a Turbocharged 2.0L 4 cylinder with an output of 184bhp and 300NM actually even though sounding unexciting and flat, is more than enough for the E200. This type of car really doesn't need anything more, you see, it’s about cruising and that's what the E-Class does so incredibly well. As much fun as the 4.0L BiTurbo V8 would be, it wouldn't suit the car, now it’s not often you’ll get me turning down a bigger engine but it’s just not what's this car is about, and I love that.  The new engine also boasts very impressive emission and MPG numbers with a full tank lasting upwards of 600km. 

Mercedes Benz E Class 2017 Engine

All of this is mated to a new 9g-Tronic gearbox which really is a masterpiece in itself, allowing the gear changes to be smooth and barely detectable and if you do need to overtake quickly, it’ll always find the right gear to give you what oomph you can get from this poky little engine.


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Audi A6

Cadillac CTS

Jaguar XF


We love the new E200, with its unbelievably luxurious interior, innovative exterior and the poky little engine that’ll take you from one side of the country to the other in one stop. Mercedes has given its competitors something to worry about, that’s for sure.

Mercedes Benz E Class 2017 Rear


Interior is beautifully crafted

Exterior is stunning to look at

Gearbox is excellent


Speakers were very disappointing

Feels a tad underpowered at times while the turbo spools

It has lost its unique character

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Mercedes Benz E200 2017 Review
Mercedes Benz E200 2017 Review
Mercedes Benz E200 2017 Review
Mercedes Benz E200 2017 Review
Mercedes Benz E200 2017 Review
Mercedes Benz E200 2017 Review
Mercedes Benz E200 2017 Review
Mercedes Benz E200 2017 Review
Mercedes Benz E200 2017 Review
Mercedes Benz E200 2017 Review
Mercedes Benz E200 2017 Review

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