Modified Cars: Infiniti QX and Mercedes GL by Larte Design


Infiniti QX80 and Mercedes-Benz GL are usually not the first choice of tuning firms to modify. But that’s not the case with Larte Design, which has designed some aggressive looking kits. Some history: Larte Design is a Russian-based tuner that specializes in modifying luxury SUVs. It has released details of modifications for QX60, QX80 and GL. Let’s have a closer look.

For QX60:

- New grille, body kit and F1-style brake light

- Four fog lamps with LED lighting strips

- New exhaust with driver-selectable sound levels

For QX80:

- Matte black grille and additional vents

- Various fog lights and LEDs

- Matte black alloys

- 4 pipe exhaust

- Wooden floor

- Alcantara steering wheel

For GL

- Extra vents and scoops

- Wild body kit

- Black finishing on the rear diffuser with F1-style brake light

The QX60 mod costs $15,000 USD, QX80 costs $18,500 USD and GL costs a whopping $28,000 USD.

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