Top 10 Mid-Sized Sedans: Luggage Space

Top 10 Mid-Sized Sedans: Trunk Space

Which mid-sized sedan has more junk in the trunk? We give you the top 10 mid-sized sedans with respect to trunk space. 

How do you define mid-sized sedan? Atleast in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar and other GCC states, mid-sized sedans will be below 2.8m in wheelbase which is shown below:



In addition, all cars in the list must be close to 100,000 AED in price, so luxury cars are excluded.

In terms of rear seating space, they are able to fit 2 adults comfortably. 

Trunk capacity in our article is defined as trunk space with all seats upright in the car. 

So here are the top 10 luggage lifters in the mid-sized sedan segment:


10. 2012 Chrysler 200: 385 Liters 


2012 Chrsyler 200 makes it's mark in the luggage arena. Latest release from Chysler improves in several areas and makes it to number 10 on the list of luggage lifters!

Number 9: 2012 Honda Accord

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