Volkswagen reveals new identity in the Middle East

Volkswagen Middle East has revealed its new brand design and logo to the region, through the creation of a piece of artwork that encapsulates the new attitude of the brand. This comes as part of Volkswagen’s brand realignment globally, one of the world’s largest rebranding campaigns in the industry. To unveil the ‘New Volkswagen’ in this region, Volkswagen Middle East partnered with long-term-UAE-based artist Maddy Butcher to create an artistic take on the new Volkswagen era – introducing it to the region in a way.

Talking about this partnership, Maddy Butcher commented; “This piece is about ambition, intelligence, and future-focus. Volkswagen’s identity has evolved into an idea that reaches further than the lifespan of a car. As ‘the people’s car,’ it is about putting people first. Anyone can learn how to put their hands on the wheel and turn the ignition. Driving is about controlling processes with your hands and mind, and so is making art. For me, this piece is not flat or still, but restless, celebratory, positive, playful, and full of momentum, just like the ‘New Volkswagen’”.


The global rebrand campaign involves 171 global markets, 10,000 dealers and service partner facilities, and 70,000 logo replacements. For the new brand design in the Middle East, 22 dealers and service facilities across 9 markets will move towards the new Volkswagen design.

Customers will enjoy a refreshed Volkswagen which promises exciting new models. The logo is reduced to its essential elements allowing more flexible use for digital media, especially important in this digital-savvy Middle East region. The brand language will also be more personalized and individual, allowing customer communication and connectivity to be a key focus. 


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