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Toyota Rav4 2012

Toyota Rav4 2012 Review

Quick Summary


  • Spacious interior
  • Large cargo space
  • Practical and versatile


  • Needs a facelift
  • Cramped back seats
Toyota Rav4 2012
SR 79,900
Toyota Rav4 2012 Car Review

Quick Review

The Toyota RAV4 is a good choice for a midsize SUV crossover, but is facing competition from modern rivals. However, it’s quite a versatile and spacious choice.

The 2012 RAV4 is unchanged from last year except for a few optional extras. All-new design had been expected, but this remains untouched. The interior is pretty standard fare, and looks a bit stale compared to rivals. It’s a practical cabin, however, with reclining rear seats and a viable third row seat for extra children. Cargo space is huge, along with a flat load floor and low load height.

Driving wise, the RAV4 feels quite acceptable. It’s relatively capable off road, but it’s mostly to be used on roads and highways.

Engine choice is quite limited, but the four cylinder RAV4 is a reasonable choice for most day to day driving.

Compared to some of its rivals, the RAV4 faces good competition which include Honda CR-V, Kia Sorento or Subaru Outback. However, it offers unbeatable versatility, being suitable as a small family run around and having excellent cargo carrying ability.

Even if the Toyota RAV4 is in need of an image update, it remains a solid choice for a flexible family vehicle.  


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