Kia Cerato 2013 Review

Quick Summary
  • Interior options
  • Improved drive
  • Improved exterior
  • Lagging acceleration
  • Some interior plastic
  • Some body roll
  • Kia Cerato 2012, Saudi Arabia

Quick Review

The 2013 Kia Cerato is a great choice for buyers who don't want to break the bank but also don't want to be driving around town in a car that screams "budget!". The body isn't sporty like some sedans (the Mitsubishi Lancer GT comes to mind) but it is still a sleek, stylish design that's spared from the rounded curves of cars like the Ford Fiesta.

Bearing the price tag in mind the interior is quite nice. The full option model includes rear AC vents, power seats, power windows, sunroof, touchscreen with navigation, heated and cooled seats, you can rarely find a C-Segment compact sedan with so many options!

As far as driving is concerned, the Cerato handles well, like most of the small sedans on the market you can throw it around corners without worrying too much about body roll. However, it's a little stiff so if you're venturing off smooth urban roads you may want to take a pillow. 

In conclusion, if you're looking for a sedan with a lot of muscle, this probably isn't for you but The 1.6 liter engine ensures it's by no stretch of the imagination the slowest car out there. If price and style are of equal importance to you, this is worth a test drive.


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