Car Definitions

What does Immobilizer mean?

A security device that prevents a vehicle from starting unless the correct key is present.

What does Keyless Ignition mean?

A system that allows a driver to start a vehicle with the push of a button as long as the proximity sensors detect the key fob within operating range.

What does Approach Angle mean?

The steepest angle of incline onto which a vehicle can climb without interference.

What does Automatic Headlights mean?

A feature that automatically turns on the headlights and taillights when the ambient light dims at sunset or when entering areas such as tunnels and covered parking lots.

What does Self-levelling Headlights mean?

A system that uses a number of sensors to calculate load within the vehicle and automatically adjust the direction of the headlamps. This ensures the vehicle's headlamps are always in their optimal position and not pointing upwards into the sky or dipped downwards limiting visibility.