Car Definitions

What does DVD Player mean?

A feature found is most high-end vehicles that allows occupants to play a DVD and watch it via a central screen or through monitors embedded into the headrests.

What does Pedestrian airbag mean?

A safety mechanism that releases the hood hinges and deploys the pedestrian airbag, helping to elevate the hood and provide cushioning to a potential impact.

What does Ambient Lighting mean?

Soft and often customizable illumination around the vehicle's cabin.

What does Active Headrests mean?

Technology that moves headrests up and forward in a collision to reduce the distance the head travels and prevent whiplash injuries.

What does OBD (On-board Diagnostics) mean?

An industry-standard port usually found near the steering column that is used to connect diagnostic equipment and read error codes through a car’s on-board computer.