Car Definitions

What does Diffuser mean?

Part of a car's underbody that improves its aerodynamic properties.

What does HUD (Heads-Up Display) mean?

A digital display projected from the vehicle's dashboard onto the windshield to provide necessary information such as speed within the driver's line of sight.

What does Heated Seats mean?

Seats that are fitted with a heating system are referred to as "heated seats". They operate by directing warm air through the fabric of the seat and greatly increase comfort for drivers and occupants in cold climates.

What does Departure Angle mean?

The steepest angle from which a vehicle can be driven onto a levelled path without the vehicle's rear overhang making contact.

What does RWD (Rear Wheel Drive) mean?

A vehicle that is propelled solely by its rear wheels. A common characteristic of high performance vehicles.